Face Facts


Over-exfoliating can lead to skin imbalance and hypersensitivity. Exfoliation sends your skin into action, repairing and regenerating at a cellular level. It is vital to rest and feed your skin in between these exfoliating sessions in order for the skin to repair and regenerate properly.

There are certain cleansers that stimulate the skin through exfoliation and others that keep skin clean and calm. It is often recommended to use two different cleansers, one “active” and one “resting” cleanser, alternating them throughout the week. Toners are usually considered active treatments, and should be included on days when active cleansers are used. This general rule can and should be tweaked for each skin condition. For example, skin that feels thick, oily sun damaged or mature can handle more active cleansing days and less resting days – in order to improve cell turnover these skin conditions may need more “exercise.” Sensitive, thin or younger skin may require fewer active cleansing days and longer periods of rest in between. It’s a safe bet to cleanse with an active cleanser and toner 2-3 days a week, resting your skin in between. If your skin feels dry or sensitive, decrease the active days. If your skin is still feeling thick, oily or sluggish, increase the active days.