Back Facial

Pamper and soothe your back. Includes a deep back cleansing and exfoliating session followed by customized variations of steam, and extractions (when necessary). Relax with a fabulous back massage as we soften your skin and the tissues below. We'll finish with selecting an appropriate skin type mask and moisturizer to leave your back with its best feel and appearance ever. This service also includes a full back massage.


Duration: 60 min

Price- $70

Series of 3- $170 (savings of $40)


MicroCurrent Non-Surgical Body Rejuvenation


 This breakthrough approach to non-invasive skin and body care uses advanced  wave forms that work with the body’s own biological currents to put the body  through a premium “workout” to lift and tone the muscles. Beautiful Image  Biotechnology Therapy amplifies the body’s own rejuvenating abilities to help  reverse the signs of aging by strengthening the muscles and bringing youthful  definition back to the body. Results can be achieved through the lifting of sagging  breast, stagnate weight, bumpy lumpy contours, distended stomach and cellulite  are some of the more evident body problems that can improve.


Duration: 75 min

Price- (Body Lift) $275

Series of 6- $1610 (savings of $40)

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Lymphatic system is an extensive drainage network that helps keep bodily fluids  levels in balance and defends the body against infections. The lymphatic system  is a physical therapy that stimulates the exit of wasteful liquids, decrease  swelling, pain, and symptoms of circulatory diseases. These are just the apparent  signs. However, internal clogging is the more serious problem that can be so  detrimental to our overall health and wellbeing. Moving the lymph fluid and  dumping the waste to be eliminated by the body initiate detoxification. When the  internal organs of the body are sluggish, the result is a continuous back up. Enlisting the body’s support and cooperation is essential to help reverse the signs of aging and for the long term correction of stubborn aesthetic conditions that result from multiple imbalances of the body, most particularly digestion problems.


This treatment is performed on the whole body, but with more dedication to those affected swollen areas (edema) like the legs, shoulders and abdomen as well as chest and back. This manual therapy sums up body wellness to eliminate toxins and to increase the body’s immune system.

Duration: 75 min

Price- (Mechanical Body) $125

Series of 4 -$460 (savings of $40)

Recommended once a week for 10 sessions- Package of 10 $810

Lymphatic Drainage (Face) 

This gentle tissue cleansing massage treatment is used to ease sinus congestion, puffiness under eye area, dark circles, relieves migraine headaches and reduces acne breakouts.


Duration: 60 min

Price- (Face) $65

Series of 4- $220 (savings of $40)

**Add on to any facial save 20%--Price $52

Smoothing Body Treatment

 This treatment is designed to address aging, dark spots, acne skin and calluses  on the feet. Many clients focus their attention solely on their face, while aging  hands, arms and chest give away a person’s age and while discolored variations  of skin tone take away from the even skin tone appearance of someone’s natural  glow. This treatment is great to help clear existing blemishes and minimize the  occurrence of future breakouts. This treatment is also Ideal for rough callused  feet.


Price- (Body) $150-$300

Price- (Feet)- $42



Smoothing Body Slimming Treatment


A mechanical deep tissue massage using a patented FDA approved suction roller compression therapy to increase circulation. The M8+2 Beauty Technology utilizes high output power using ultrasound and suction together. The treatment will also consist of a body slimming gel and lotion applied to areas of special concern. You will then be wrapped in a thermal blanket to stimulate circulation and detoxification.

This treatment can promote the following:

* Promote tissue metabolism

  • * Repel the cellulite
  • * Tighten the skin
  • * Strengthen skin elasticity
  • * Fat dissolving
  • * Body Shaping

Duration:75 min

Price- $175

Series of 10- $1710 (savings of $40)


Cellulite Wrap

Newly emerging scientific evidence by ultrasonic imaging reveals that cellulite is caused by inflammation. This inflammatory condition is linked to estrogen, expanding fat cells, decreased circulation and deterioration of supportive collagen fibers causing an unsightly “orange peel” appearance. Cellulite is a progressive condition that can get worse over time and with age.


The cellulite body wrap treatment improves the appearance and tone of the skin. A 50% percent Glycolic Acid will be applied to the areas treated to promote product penetration and then removed. Upon removal, You will be wrapped with a thermal blanket to promote detoxification and circulation. Includes abdomen, upper arms, thighs and gluteals. Acupressure massage will be delivered to

promote relaxation. Once the product is applied, the body is showered off and the treatment is completed with an application of lotion infused with essential oils, which hydrate the skin to a silky smoothness.

** Best results are achieved with a series of six body wrap treatments**

Duration: 75 min

Price- $40

Series of 6- $200 (savings of $40)


Infrared Detox Body Treatment

Passive Cardiovascular Conditioning Effect

Infrared Sauna Therapy makes it possible for people in wheelchairs, or those who have a disability that affect their ability to exercise to achieve a cardiovascular training effect. Regular use of a sauna may impact a similar stress on the cardiovascular system, and its regular use may be as effective, as a means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning of calories, as regular exercise." - Journal of the American Medical Association 8/7/81. Due to the deep penetration of the infrared rays generated by the Far Infrared Sauna, there is a heating effect deep in the muscular tissues and the internal organs. The body responds to this deep-heating effect via a hypothalamic-induced increase in both heart volume and rate. This beneficial heart stress leads to a sought-after cardiovascular training and conditioning effect. Medical researches confirm the use of a sauna provides cardiovascular conditioning as the body works to cool itself and involves substantial increases in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate. 

Weight Loss/Detoxification

Fat becomes water-soluble at a temperature of 100 F° before it begins to dissolve and enter the bloodstream to be removed from the body. In a Far Sauna fat is also removed through sweat and cellulite. Weight loss is one of the benefits of using a Far sauna each day for only 20-40 minutes. A single sauna session will burn 200-500 calories, as many as rowing a boat for 30 minutes or running several miles. Many people who have attempted weight loss through dieting and have not been successful will be pleased with their results from using a Far sauna. Often the inability to lose weight is associated with chemical toxicity. As these toxins are removed from the body while using the Far sauna, weight loss naturally follows. FIR saunas are the ONLY natural, healthy way to burn calories without exercising.

Musculoskeletal Cases - success reported with infrared treatments

  • * TMJ Arthritis 
  • * Muscle Spasms - reduced or eliminated
  • * Traumatic Arthritis
  • * Low Back Pain - relieved
  • * Tight Shoulders - relaxed
  • * Muscle Tension - relaxed
  • * Post-exercise Muscle Pain - vital to competitive athletes
  • * Arthritis: Gouty, Rheumatoid, DJD - each substantially relieved or improved
  • * Shoulder Pain - relieved or eliminated

1. Infrared Sauna Therapy increases the extensibility of collagen tissues.

2. Infrared Sauna Therapy decreases joint stiffness directly.

3. Infrared Sauna Therapy relieves muscle spasms.

4. Infrared Sauna Therapy produces pain relief.

5. Infrared Sauna Therapy increases blood flow.

6. Infrared Sauna Therapy assists in resolution of inflammatory infiltrates, edema and exudates.

Price- $15 per 20 minutes (60 minute max per session)

Custom Package Available


Henna Art (Temporary Tattoo)


Henna tattoos are a fun and safe way to explore body art without pain or commitment. Henna is a natural substance that has been used for centuries to create beautiful, temporary designs on the body- an art form that is called Mehndi. Mehndi has been a long-standing tradition stemming from many ancient cultures dating back as far as about 5,000 years, but is most known today for its history in India. Today, henna tattoos are still used in religious and wedding ceremonies in India but has also gained appreciation in other countries as a beautiful art to be appreciated at any time.

Henna has been done in many forms including more contemporary designs. Individuals contemplating a permanent tattoo might apply henna first to see if they like the look before making a permanent decision. Some just enjoy having a temporary design they know will wash off in a few weeks. Whatever your reasons might be for being interested in henna, you are delving into a beautiful form of art rich in culture.


Price- Starting at $15 and up

Spray Tanning--The Safest Way to Bronze Your Complexion

 Spray tanning is the easiest and safest way to get a healthy, dark and sexy tan. With absolutely no sun required, it is by far the safest alternative to acquire a beautiful glow. It is recommended by the American Academy of Dermatologist, The Skin Cancer Foundation and The American Medical Association.


 Spray tanning is a process in which DHA solutions are sprayed onto the body.  DHA was approved by the FDA in the 1970’s and was added to the list of  approved cosmetic ingredients. DHA does not damage the skin and is considered  a safe skin-coloring agent and nutritional supplement. There is no known toxicity  and allergic reactions are very rare.

 Spray tanning is also called airbrush tanning or sunless tanning. It is a very  popular procedure that allows you to get a deep, gorgeous tan in as little as 30 minutes. Spray tans usually last 5 to 10 days.


What Do I Need to Do Before a Spray Tan?

There are a few things that you should do to prepare yourself before you receive a spray tan. First of all, make sure you remove any moisturizers, perfumes, oils and makeup from your skin. It’s important that your skin is as clean and dry as possible to make it receive the tan as best as it can. If you want to make sure the spray tan really takes and stays for a while you should exfoliate your entire body before heading to the salon. You can find specially made exfoliating scrubs that are designed to not leave any oil behind. These are perfect and should definitely be applied to ensure a great tan.

What Should I Wear for a Spray Tan?

If you choose to bring your own clothing you should select dark colored, loose clothes. Some tanning salons will give you the option to use disposable panties, thongs, boxers, so it’s up to you if you would like to use these or your own clothing. After you have your spray tan applied you should have dark clothing to wear home, or wherever you go, because there may be a bit of residue that will rub off onto your clothing that will leave brown or orange spots. Some salons offer the option to be sprayed while fully nude but others require that you wear a top and bottoms or at least bottoms. You will need to check with the salon about this beforehand.

When Can I Shower After My Spray Tan?

This is a very popular question that pretty much everyone asks. You should prepare yourself to not shower for quite a while after a spray tan. Due to the DHA solution having to have 6 to 8 hours to take, you will need to wait at least that long before showering. Most salons will suggest that you don’t shower until the following morning. This is by far the best option. Have your spray done in the evening and then go to bed while the DHA goes to work in your skin. Then, in the morning, you are free to shower without having to worry about washing off your gorgeous new tan.

How Can I Make a Spray Tan Last?

Spray tans generally last 4 or 5 days if left untreated. If you take care of your skin, however, they can last 8 to 10 days. So, what can you do to make the tan stay? After your first shower make sure you use a good moisturizer at least once a day. Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the most important steps in maintaining a spray tan. You should use a tan extender as well to really make the color come out and stick. Also, avoid things such as nail polish remover and Jacuzzis. These can strip your tan right off your body quite easily.